The Multifaceted Diamond of Christ’s Atoning Work

Great compilation of posts by Trevin Wax on what Christ accomplished on the cross (each point is a full article):

  • On the cross, Christ slays the Dragon and wins our victory
  • On the cross, Christ drinks the cup of God’s wrath as a substitute sacrifice
  • On the cross, Christ redeems us from slavery to sin and death
  • On the cross, Christ pays the ransom
  • On the cross, Christ is the Lamb who takes away our sin and shame
  • On the cross, Christ is our liberator
  • On the cross, Christ shows how God is with us in our suffering
  • On the cross, Christ is the propitiation that makes us right with God
  • On the cross, Christ becomes our ultimate example

shai linne also puts it well in The Cross:

It’s where we see Your holiness- at the cross
We see that You’re controlling this- at the cross
We see how You feel about sin- at the cross
Your unfathomable love for men- at the cross
It’s where we see Your sovereignty- at the cross
We see our idolatry- at the cross
We know that there’s a judgment day- from the cross
May we never take our eyes away- from the cross

The False Teachers: Pope Francis

This is a well-written (and more importantly, well-supported) article by Tim Challies. An piece like this is undoubtedly met with resistance, given the popularity of Pope Francis. But that doesn’t change that fact that what Francis stands for and what he represents is not what the bible teaches. Rather, it’s the exact opposite.

Truth is important. Even if it doesn’t want to be heard.

Palm Sunday Crowds

Good insight by Kevin DeYoung. I’d never caught this before:

Just to be clear: the crowd on Palm Sunday welcoming Jesus with shouts of “Hosanna!” is by and large not the same crowd on Good Friday that demands his death with shouts of “Crucify!”

Click through for full explanation.