Monthly Archives: March 2011

Free Gun With Every Dish Network Purchase

Here’s an interesting article about a Montana store that is offering a free gun with every Dish Network purchase. Innovative! “Protect yourself with Dish Network. Sign up now, get free gun,” the sign reads. “We have people literally stop in to take pictures of the sign,” Levy said. Qualifying customers have the choice between a… Read more »

Qualifications of a Pastor: Single or Married?

I recently stumbled across an article discussing the qualifications of pastors with the emphasis on a pastor being married or single. While the issue at hand isn’t one of grave importance, I think it’s an interesting topic. There are three main articles I read: 1) A New York Times article about a single pastor being… Read more »

Beautiful Church – Evangel

This is a song by Evangel that paints a beautiful picture of the church. Meditating on this while preparing for Sunday’s worship. Beautiful Church – Evangel This CD is a gem, BTW. It outlines characteristics of a healthy church based off the 9Marks ministry. Grab it from Amazon or iTunes.

Nightsounds Radio RSS Feed

Nightsounds Radio is a pretty special radio program that was started and ran by Bill Pearce for over 35 years. Though Pearce has since passed away, the show is still in syndication both on the Nightsounds Radio website and on many, many radio stations all around the world. The show is special because of its… Read more »

Tembo Trunks – Portable Earbud Speakers

Here’s a pretty neat idea that’s in the works (not by me): Tembo Trunks are the speakers that aren’t speakers. They are the first collapsible earbud speakers for iPods and iPhones. All you need to do is attach your Apple earbuds to Tembo Trunks in order to transform them into a set of portable, non-electrical,… Read more »