Were You There?

We see disciples sleep and mock today with a lot to say
But we do the same thing when we don’t watch and pray

Like Judas, we sell Christ out to get the treasure
Whether it’s the cheddar or forbidden pleasure

Like the chief priests, we want Christ to surrender
But we want Him out the way when He doesn’t fit our agenda

Like Peter, we have misplaced, fleshly confidence
But we’ll deny the Lord when faced with deadly consequence

Like Herod, we’re curious about Christ cause He’s famous
But we quickly get bored with Him if He doesn’t entertain us

Like Pilate, we see Christ and find nothing wrong with Him
But when the world chooses the wicked we go right along with them

Despite His kindness, we seek to do our Maker violence
The fallenness of humanity at its finest

shai linne – Were You There?

The rest of the song’s lyrics are available on shai’s site.

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