Ten Principles for Church Songs

Here’s a great two part series by Kevin DeYoung on some practical principles for church music.

Part 1
Part 2

He expands on ten different points:

  1. Love is indispensable to church singing that pleases God.
  2. Our singing is for God’s glory and the edification of the body of Christ.
  3. We ought to sing to the Lord new songs.
  4. Church singing should swim in its own history of church singing.
  5. Sing the Psalms.
  6. We should strive for excellence in the musicality and the poetry of the songs we sing.
  7. The main sound to be heard in the worship music is the sound of the congregation singing.
  8. The congregation should also be stretched from time to time to learn new songs and broaden its musical horizons.
  9. The texts of our songs should be matched with fitting musicality and instrumentation.
  10. All of our songs should employ manifestly biblical lyrics.

I got a lot out of his articles, especially on points 3 and 4 where he thoughtfully notes the importance of old and new songs. It’s a worthwhile read.

(via JT)