Monthly Archives: September 2011

Satan, Angels, and Demon Theology

Have you ever wondered where Christian beliefs about Satan, angels, and demons came from? I have, and I was fortunate enough to have my question answered on The Gospel Coalition’s You Asked feature. Thanks to those at The Gospel Coalition for selecting my question as well as Gregg Allison for answering! Indeed, a lot of… Read more »

Mobile Wikipedia Search

Ever felt that there’s a better way to search Wikipedia when on a mobile device? I do–it feels like searching for things on Wikipedia when on my mobile device (Droid X) is clunky. There are three options I’ve pursued, but each have their own set of problems: Search directly on Wikipedia’s mobile site – No… Read more »

Twitter RSS Feed

Here’s a quick “project” I did. It’s a page I made to get the RSS feed of a Twitter user: This is helpful for me because I view Twitter streams in my RSS reader (Google Reader), but Twitter no longer publishes the RSS feeds on each user’s Twitter page. It was a nice dabble… Read more »