Satan, Angels, and Demon Theology

Have you ever wondered where Christian beliefs about Satan, angels, and demons came from? I have, and I was fortunate enough to have my question answered on The Gospel Coalition’s You Asked feature. Thanks to those at The Gospel Coalition for selecting my question as well as Gregg Allison for answering!

Indeed, a lot of interesting thoughts and speculation about where some of the beliefs people have came from. Gregg does a good job of pulling from a lot of resources, concluding that “[recent] presentations of angels, Satan, and demons are fanciful construals of these spiritual beings that capture the imagination of biblically illiterate people and offer much speculation rather than solid portraits derived from the Word of God.”

At the end of the day it’s important to match up what we think or feel with what is actually in the bible before making firm foundations for our beliefs. Anything else is just open hand doctrine (search for “open hand” from this transcript of Mark Driscoll’s sermon on creation) and as such, isn’t necessary or prudent to dwell on.


2 Responses to “Satan, Angels, and Demon Theology”

  1. Jake

    Great question and some interesting thoughts on them from Gregg. I only wish he would’ve given the “correct answers.” Maybe I’ll just have to do some more reading…

    • rrb

      Agreed. It would have been nice for a little more explanation on some of the theology of Satan, too. The original question was geared a little more toward that, actually, but they emailed back asking if they could steer it more toward angels & demons (which was completely okay, I was just excited to get an answer!). Even things such as his fall from heaven (with a third of the angels?!) seem commonly held by people but there’s really only very obscure scriptural support for it (Isaiah 14).