Monthly Archives: October 2011

A Good Question

Here’s an interesting–and worthwhile–read about what makes a question good. What’s a Good Question? Though written from a teaching perspective, the insight is beneficial for us non-teachers, too. (via JT)


I love hot weather. So when I moved to hot weather from cold weather, I naturally wanted to track how much more hot weather I was getting. I was able to find dygraphs–a neat little JavaScript graphing library (with a ton of options for extensibility) and thought it would be fun to put it to… Read more »

5 Ways to Redeem Your Ride to Work

Trevin Wax makes five good points as to how a ride/drive to work can be made the most of: Use the time… To Grow Spiritually To Grow Intellectually To Grow Creatively To Grow Relationally To Grow in Gratitude Read his full article with expanded points. Good thoughts to ponder as we strive to redeem our… Read more »