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Two Feasts

There are two feasts: the feast of God and the feast of sin. We’re invited to both. From Men of Integrity’s Seek Greater Pleasure daily reading


This is an example of true, genuine humility: Tim Tebow speaks on his overtime victory against the Steelers Pray for this man. I can’t imagine all of what he goes through.

When Your Preacher Is Not John Piper

Five suggestions for “if your gospel-preaching pastor is not as good as one of the great orators of our day.” A little statement I once heard might be helpful for you to remember: “The mature worshiper is easily edified.” (via TGC)

Why Best Buy is Going out of Business

I agree very much with this commentary: But the numbers only scratch the surface. To discover the real reasons behind the company’s decline, just take this simple test. Walk into one of the company’s retail locations or shop online. And try, really try, not to lose your temper. Continue reading the full article. I can… Read more »