Why Thabiti Anyabwile Won’t Vote

Off the heels of Thabiti Anyabwile’s article on why W.E.B. DuBois wouldn’t vote in the upcoming election, Thabiti now gives some of his reasoning for why he won’t vote.

Some excerpts that I particularly thought were interesting:

Most voters are settling.

And most of us will rationalize our settling by saying a few things to ourselves. These are the only two choices we have. Or, Voting for the lesser of two evils is an effort to stem the tide. Or, There’s one candidate that’s clearly better on the social issue(s) I care about.

Moreover, it seems to me that if we really believe the system is broken but we vote anyway, we simply nullify our contention that the system is broken. Now, we may not believe it’s “that broken,” and so we vote. Praise God. I support you if you feel that way. But if you think the farce of national democratic elections has reached an almost irretrievable state of disrepair, corrupted by big money on both sides and fundamentally manipulative and insincere in its presentation of candidates, then to vote could only end in one outcome no matter who is elected–the further entrenchment of the brokenness we decry. The vote becomes a veto. In that case, the ballot is empty and the voice is empty.

For a better picture of his reasoning, read the full article