Monthly Archives: September 2013

Sermon Prep Hours

Thought this was an interesting comparison of different pastors and the amount of time per week they spend preparing for a sermon.

Salvation From Sin

I heard this recently and thought it was a very encouraging mnemonic: At conversion, I am saved from the penalty of sin. While on earth, I am in the process of being saved from the practice of sin. When I die, I will be saved from the presence of sin.

Lewis and Tolkien on Myths and Lies

Great re-enactment. How can it be wrong for a prisoner to think of things that exist other than walls or jailers? Doesn’t the fact that the prisoner is able to think of things outside the walls suggest that perhaps things do exist outside the walls? After all if the prison really is all there is,… Read more »

My Friend Jesus

Beautifully written. My favorite: I love my friend Jesus because I can just be myself with him.