Monthly Archives: December 2013

Amazon’s Pantry to take on Costco, Sam’s

Pantry is set to launch in 2014 and will let Amazon Prime members buy consumer packaged goods that will be shipping in a set sized box with a maximum weight limit, sources say. Well that’s a no brainer. Of course I’d rather pay an annual fee for Amazon over Costco or Sam’s.

Nobody Will Remember Me, And That’s A Good Thing

The reality is, very few people will remember me. This is not some sort of macabre, self-pity, nobody likes me, I’m a loser, gather round for a group hug, kind of statement. It’s simply the truth. … These verses, as well as hundreds of others, imply that God will remember every good thing we do… Read more »

3 Questions to Ask Before Responding to a Controversy

So many mistakes get blown into controversies by people’s responses to them. Before we decide to write, post, or speak a public rejoinder here are three questions to consider. Am I really the one to respond to this? Do I have something to say that others are not already saying? Is my response going to… Read more »