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Facebook app transitions from HTML5 to native

I don’t use Facebook–really, I don’t. But this article was particularly interesting from a techy point of view. We realized that when it comes to platforms like iOS, people expect a fast, reliable experience and our iOS app was falling short. Now that our mobile services had breadth, we wanted depth. So, we rewrote Facebook… Read more »


I love hot weather. So when I moved to hot weather from cold weather, I naturally wanted to track how much more hot weather I was getting. I was able to find dygraphs–a neat little JavaScript graphing library (with a ton of options for extensibility) and thought it would be fun to put it to… Read more »

Mobile Wikipedia Search

Ever felt that there’s a better way to search Wikipedia when on a mobile device? I do–it feels like searching for things on Wikipedia when on my mobile device (Droid X) is clunky. There are three options I’ve pursued, but each have their own set of problems: Search directly on Wikipedia’s mobile site – No… Read more »

Muzak Song Listing

At work, I am serenaded by the Jukebox Gold channel from the music service Muzak (although lately I haven’t noticed this as much…perhaps it’s been changed?). While I can check what songs are current playing, the song listing became a frequent-enough item of discussion with coworkers that I wanted to have a history of the… Read more »