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John Piper Interviews John Knight

This is a fantastic series of interviews of John Knight, a man who experienced the birth of child born blind (with further complications to be made known). The videos focus on John Knight’s story through the struggle and pain. They are very raw and emotional videos. There are three parts to the interview. They’re not… Read more »

A Talk on God’s Sovereignty in the Book of Job

A friend and I recently both prepared and gave short talks to each other with the purposes of encouraging one another and ultimately, to bring glory to God. Here’s my talk, which goes through the book of Job and looks at God’s sovereignty throughout it. Ross Bender – God’s Sovereignty in the Book of Job… Read more »

Thoughts on taking Sermon Notes

I read an interesting article the other day on taking notes while hearing a sermon. It’s a thought provoking read. Personally, I’ve been on both sides of this. In the past I have taken notes and found it to be beneficial. However, over the past 6 months or so I’ve transitioned to not taking notes…. Read more »

Were You There?

We see disciples sleep and mock today with a lot to say But we do the same thing when we don’t watch and pray Like Judas, we sell Christ out to get the treasure Whether it’s the cheddar or forbidden pleasure Like the chief priests, we want Christ to surrender But we want Him out… Read more »

The Padded Cross

Listening to last night’s Nightsounds, there was a segment on the short story The Padded Cross. Well, here I am, Lord. You said, “Take up your cross,” and I’m here to do it. It’s not easy, you know, this self-denial thing. I mean to go through with it though, yes sir. I’ll bet you wish… Read more »