The Padded Cross

Listening to last night’s Nightsounds, there was a segment on the short story The Padded Cross.

Well, here I am, Lord. You said, “Take up your cross,” and I’m here to do it. It’s not easy, you know, this self-denial thing. I mean to go through with it though, yes sir. I’ll bet you wish more people were willing to be disciples like me. I’ve counted the cost and surrendered my life, and …well…

You mind if I look over the crosses? I’d kind of like a new one. I’m not fussy, you understand, but a disciple has to be relevant these days. I was wondering, are there any that are vinyl padded? I’m thinking of attracting others, see, and if I could show them a comfortable cross I’m sure I could win a lot more. We have to keep up with the times. Right? And I need something durable so I can treasure it always. Oh, and do you have one that’s sort of flat so it will fit under my coat? We shouldn’t be too obvious.

Funny, there doesn’t seem to be much choice here. Just course, rough wood, that’s liable to hurt. Don’t you have something more distinctive, Lord? I can tell you right now, none of my friends are going to be impressed by this shoddy workmanship! They’ll think I’m a nut or something! And my family will just be mortified!

What’s that? It’s either one of these or forget the whole thing?

But Lord, I want to be your disciple! I mean, just being with you…that’s all that counts. Life has to have a balance too, but You don’t understand, nobody lives that way today. Who’s going to be attracted by this self-denial bit? I mean, I want to do what’s right but let’s not overdo it. If I appear too radical they’ll have me off to the funny farm or something.

I mean, being a disciple is challenging and exciting and I want to do it, but I do have some rights, don’t I? Now let’s see — no blood — O.K.? I just can’t stand the thought of that, Lord Lord? LORD? Jesus?

Now, where do you suppose He went?

Then Jesus told his disciples, “If anyone would come after me, let him deny himself and take up his cross and follow me.” Matthew 16:24, ESV

5 Myths About Gas Prices

…at least that’s what this article says.

  1. Fighting in Libya is sending gas prices higher.
  2. Tapping the Strategic Petroleum Reserve is a smart way to reduce gas prices.
  3. Oil companies produce less in the spring to make gas prices increase.
  4. The Obama administration is driving up gas prices.
  5. Americans can’t live without cheap gas.

I found number 3 pretty interesting. I wasn’t aware of that.

Read the rest at The Washington Post.

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The Excellency of Christ – Timothy Brindle

A great song by Timothy Brindle to point praise to Christ. Find more of Timothy on Amazon or iTunes.

The Excellency of Christ – Timothy Brindle

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Spoken Intro:
He is risen!
Thus His sacrifice for sin has been accepted by the Father.
Who resurrected Him and exalted Him as the infinitely glorious King of the universe.
And now Jesus offers Himself to us as the all-satisfying treasure and lover of our souls.
And this, my beloved brothers and sisters, is the ultimate remedy against sin and temptation.
Namely: knowing, enjoying, and worshipping Jesus Christ for His many excellencies.

Verse 1:
Why I’m pleased to sing cause You’re my Lord and Savior!
My High Priest and King and the world’s Creator
My Shepard and Master whom I adore and applaud
The image of the Father – You are the glory of God
It’s blushing in Your face
I’m smothered in Your grace
Which nothing can erase
Cause You suffered in my place
You get all praise from this sinner pleading
Though You’re finished bleeding
You’re still busy interceding
I’m forgiven cause You made the amazing ascension
You’re my wisdom and sanctification redemption
Your perfect life’s credited to my account
Yo I worship Christ forever kid I’ma shout (WORTHY!)
Levitate when I meditate on Your excellencies
You bled on my stead – my federal head – You represent me
Your death was the fee so Your elect can be free
Called us effectually – it was predestined to be

Hook (x2):
In Christ we’re free because His price redeems us
Exciting me enticing me to flee lust
Refrain from sin – it’s ways are grim
There’s no greater thing to delight in Jesus

Verse 2:
You’re the Lion yet the Lamb
You’re divine yet You’re a man
You’re Messiah and I AM
You’re triumphant in Your plan
Resurrected with all power and might
Exalted in all glory and honor – the Father showered the Christ
Full time worshippers – forever we’re employed
Christ came to give us the full measure of His joy
I was deep in sin, I’d lust repeatedly
I would beef with Him plus would beef with me
But Christ reconciled us to worship the Father
To fulfill our existence – our purpose to honor
Now I’m cursing no longer
So I offer Him praise
If not for His grace I’d be certain a goner
Now often Jesus consumes me
With thoughts of His sweetness and beauty
Not some weed or some brewsky
Nor beer or some ecstasy pills
Cause to see the face of Christ is a superior excellent thrill

Hook (x2):
In Christ we’re free because His price redeems us
Exciting me enticing me to flee lust
Refrain from sin – it’s ways are grim
There’s no greater thing to delight in Jesus

Verse 3:
Christ You’re excellent, worthy
I praise Your Father – He’s made me a vessel of mercy
Now show Your glory’s weightiness to Your church
And we’ll reflect back the radiance of Your worth
You have the power to rule and destroy
But You’ll bring us in Your Father’s presence where there’s fullness of joy
And pleasures forever – never competitors
Ever can threaten to sever You as my heavenly treasure
It’s my endless endeavor to honor Him
I want to sing because You’re so sovereign and conquering
My vows due so I bow to ascribe value to my God and King
You can’t compare Your worth to pieces of gold
You’re keeping me whole
Worship’s a feast for my soul
He’s in control – I can’t explain how this suits me
I fiend to behold and gaze at Your beauty
And inquire in Your temple
Face to face and praise Your grace with no desires that are sinful
You shed mad blood to cleanse cat’s crud
You said that was Your steadfast love
My master snatched this cat from tragic sadness
Gave me a static gladness
He lavished matchless compassion
That attracts like magnets attached to cabinets
You bought and claimed my weak blind soul
Like going once, going twice, three times, sold!
To the God-man who’s dressed in glory
Now I rest assuredly because His death secured me
A front row view of His majestic splendor
Which will never bore me I’ll be impressed forever
He’s a consuming fire yet He’s tender
He’s Jesus Christ the most blessed treasure
A front row view of His majestic splendor
Which will never bore me I’ll be impressed forever
You’re a consuming fire yet You’re tender
You’re Jesus Christ the most blessed treasure

Outro Hook:
All praise to Christ from grateful men
Give praise to Him who saved us then takes us in
And makes us kings to reign with Him
We’ll praise with hymns – the days won’t end so we say amen!